Welcome to the homepage for MONSTERROBOTICS!

Welcome to the homepage of MONSTERROBOTICS!

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I got into an accident today. Nothing too bad - two scooters crashing into each other head on! I was the only one who got hurt: knocked out, concussed, right side of my body sore.

Remember to wear helmets! When I was a kid, a teacher in elementary school wondered if my dad was going to pick me up in his motorcycle because of the fact i had a helmet. She just assumed my dad had a motorcycle (he didn't) instead of just wearing a helmet to bike! I don't know why I didn't consider a helmet with an electric scooter.

I was going to get one for ROLLERSKATING. You don't even go as fast! We're going to get some now, but I'll just walk to class now. I'm okay, just gotta rest.

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My entry to the Yesterweb Zine is live. You can go read it HERE!

dancin' guys