a sketch of a tv head

[ 21+ | Leo | American | ENG ]
[ She/Her/He/Him ]

Hi! Call me Mys. Monster!

I went to university for ART and ENGLISH LITERATURE.
I focus my studies on DISABILITY and TROPES.
My current job is being a GRAPHIC DESIGNER.

Devil May Cry button Hades button Fallout button Jak and Daxter button Dishonored button Castlevania button Sam and Max button Final Fantasy Pokemon button Monster High button Jet Set Radio button Psychonauts button Undertale button The World Ends With You button The Owl House button Kingdom Hearts Button Dead By Daylight Button Splatoon Button Mabinogi Button Hypnospace Outlaw Button Fable Button Motorcity Button Toontown Corporate Clash Button Professor Layton Button


monsterrobotics monsterrobotics

All buttons handmade by me!